VVDI Key Tool Max Mini OBD Lexus Smart Key All Keys Lost

Today program a key for Lexus IS250 2009 – 2013 with Xhorse Key Tool Max and Mini OBD Tool.



Alright, already connected our mini OBD programmer to the car.

I’m kind of low on battery, so I hooked up the cable to provide for me.



Let’s continue guys let’s go ahead and program this key that’s all smart keys lost.


Okay, so the first thing we’re gonna do: agree to enter.


We’re gonna go ahead and connect Bluetooth.



So I just go “Immo programming” -> “Lexus” -> model IS250 -> smart key system -> Start execution.

vvdi-key-tool-max-mini-obd-lexus-smart-key-akl-04 vvdi-key-tool-max-mini-obd-lexus-smart-key-akl-05


Have tips: The device disconnected, please connect device, just click on “connect”, let’s connect first, we select the device serial number and it shows connecting and let’s try to turn on the ignition, so let’s the go-ahead select “Start execution”.

vvdi-key-tool-max-mini-obd-lexus-smart-key-akl-06 vvdi-key-tool-max-mini-obd-lexus-smart-key-akl-07


We select “Reset Smart Box” and it says “Turn on the ignition switch, and open the driver door, until match complete”, okay, click on “OK”.

vvdi-key-tool-max-mini-obd-lexus-smart-key-akl-08 vvdi-key-tool-max-mini-obd-lexus-smart-key-akl-09


Connecting system…

Secure access…


Connecting system…

Communicating, please wait for about 16 minutes, the IMMO light (Security) will change from off to flashing. (the buzzer will beep at the same time for some vehicles.)



You guys remember waiting for this light to start flashing and last but not least body ad.

Okay, so you guys can see the 16 minutes are up and the light and secure light begins to flash.



Reset successfully! Please turn to the main menu to perform <Add Smart Keys> to program smart keys.



Okay, we’re gonna go back to a key.



It says “Turn on the ignition switch”, to open the switch


It says “The number of keys registered 0” click on “OK” to continue, yes it tells us there are no keys registered.



Hold the logo side of a programmed key close to starting button and keep it, click [OK] to continue. And you will hear beeps after putting the key close to the start button.



What you see as key programming complete, so we press okay a few times until it actually got the key, and then we press OK.



So let’s go ahead and try to test our key, let’s disconnect all this stuff right here, turn off the ignition, we’re gonna close the upper-left icon, then it says “Don’t forget your Mini OBD Tool”.



Let’s go ahead and try the key. Are you guys going to see that the key successfully turned on the vehicle.


Let’s go ahead and try a remote, it shows that works really well, perfect.


Okay, so that’s how we program a key with Xhorse Key Tool Max and Mini OBD Tool programmer.





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