VVDI KEY TOOL generate ISUZU V-Cross remote key OK review

Another VVDI KEY TOOL success review: It’s newly tested OK to generate ISUZU V-Cross remote control in wireless mode! Now VVDI KEY TOOL price is only $269 available for pre-order!


How to generate and program ISUZU V-Cross remote by VVDI KEY TOOL?

First, power on VVDI KEY TOOL.

Go to choose “Remote Prepare” function on main menu.


Select region: Asia and select the car brand: ISUZU.

vvdi-key-tool-generate-program-isuzu-v-cross-remote-key-review-2 vvdi-key-tool-generate-program-isuzu-v-cross-remote-key-review-3

Choose remote key type: ISUZU Thailand.


Now it show the original key picture and key frequency 433MHz.


Press the OK button then put the new remote key into VVDI KEY TOOL transponder area (the coil as picture show).


Select the “Wireless” mode.


It soon show remote key generate successfully!


That’s all steps use VVDI KEY TOOL to generate ISUZU V-Cross remote control key!

vvdi-key-tool-generate-program-isuzu-v-cross-remote-key-review-9 vvdi-key-tool-generate-program-isuzu-v-cross-remote-key-review-10

Next just to complete the key programming.

Open the driver side door, insert the original key, turn ignition on then off for 3 times.

After that press the driver side door switch for 1 time. (Or close and open the door once)

turn ignition on then off again, the blinker flash 3 times to confirm car is in remote match mode.

Take out the original remote key and press the UNLOCK button on each key.

Things done!

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