VVDI Key Tool Functions Introduction and Specifications

VVDI Key Tool is multi-functions,it can support more functions then Handy Baby key copy tool.And some customer are interested on ID48 chip copy function,please do not worry,future update for VVDI Key Tool will add the function soon.


VVDI Key Tool functions includes:edit transponder, clone transponder, test frequency, clone Remote, generate remote, generate garage door remote controller, unlock smart card etc.Here is some specifications.The following functions instructions,some may not support at present like ID48 copy,garage generating,but it will support with VVDI Key Tool in future.

1.VVDI Key Tool Schematic


2.VVDI Key Tool Specifications:

LCD Size 2.4′
Display 240*320
Battery Voltage 3.6~4.2V
Battery Capacity >2500mhA
Charge Voltage 4.5~6.5V
Charge Current <1000mhA
Working Time ≥10 Hour
  1. Transponder Cloning.

Support identification all immobile Transponder in current market, clone & edit partial common Transponder.


Support editing transponder types



Support cloning transponder types

Support 36/46 original or aftermarket transponder offline cloning.

Support 4D-40 bit 60 63 83 67 69,etc offline cloning.

Support 11/12/13/4C/30/33/42 offline cloning.

Support Toyota 72-G transponder online cloning.

Support Hyundai/KIA 70(4D-80) bit online cloning.

Support Ford 83-80 bit online cloning.

Support all 48 online cloning.


Support unlocking transponder type

Support unlocking Xhorse special 4D,46 transponder.

Support unlocking all 7935 locked transponder


  1. Transponder Generating

Support generating hundreds of vehicle immobilize transponder,ID36/ID46 special transponder can be generated by Xhorse SN2 universal(wireless remote)support reuse again.


Transponder generating function: brand–vehicle model–year/con-figuration. Please select [more vehicle model] to get the transponder type for next process if can’t find the proper vehicle model.


  1. Remote Cloning.

Remote cloning includes HCS/fixed code cloning, on-HCS rolling code cloning and remote editing function.


  1. Remote generating.

VVDI Key Tool built-in more than 1200 vehicle models remote data(increased continuously),remote pictures and matching information, users can select the relevant data file according to actual vehicle model, use Xhorse universal remote and match to the vehicle control unit by programming.


  1. Garage Generating

This function is not available for current version, please use the remote cloning function to clone the garage remote.


  1. Renew Remote

VVDI Key Tool built-in dozens of vehicle models for renew remotes (adding continuously),users can use renew adapter or soldering wires connect PCB to renew.


  1. Frequency Testing

VVDI Key Tool supports 300-500MHZ frequency, relative power, signal modulation and IR testing.


When testing frequency, users press remote button to transmit signal, the “green wave” moving at the left top of screen indicated that the frequency value and the modulation result are valid. When testing IR, please place the IR emitter head aimed at IR testing area, distance depends on signal strength, generally 15-80cm.A small red light on at the bottom of screen if the IR signal is detected.


  1. Special Functions

All key lost testing.

Place ignition data acquisition & signal testing close to vehicle ignition coil, if coli has transmitted signal the tool will beep means vehicle coil is working, at the same time according to the transmitted signal tool prompts the transponder type used in this vehicle, support 36,47 and 4D,other types can not supported yet.

Toyota smart key unlock

Support 40/80 bit original Toyota smart key unlocking, insert original smart key with battery and place on transponder detection area, press unlock button to start. LED light on key PCB flashing intermittently indicated unlock success. If failed, please retry until unlock success.

VVDI Special transponder

Used to initialize Xhorse SN series universal remote keys for different types transponder, support 11/12/13/46/47,after initialize success can be used for generating special immobilize transponder and match to the car.

You can check more from VVDI Key Tool User Manual:


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