VVDI Key Tool Ford/Kia 70/83 Online Calculation

VVDI Key Tool support ID48 96bit online calculation, it needs to open authorization. And it also supporsts 70/83 online calculation, here we will give you a brief introduction about 70/83 Online Calculation.

Two ways for 70/83 4D VVDI Key Tool Online Calculation

1. You can check it on VVD Key Tool app from your phone.(Recommended!)


(You can check on the page that whether you ID48 96bit is activated or not,we received feedback that want to know how to check ID48 96bit,click this on your phone app,if not activated,it will display like pic “unactivated”)

You can continue to check detailed steps.

1.1.Put the original key into the left induction coil, press the read button.

1.2.Keep the network connected,press calculate  button.

1.3.Put VVDI 4D chip  into the left induction coil,press write button to complete copy.


2. Xhorse Update Kit software,click calculate.

Same steps.


If more questions about VVDI Key Tool 4D 70/83,please feel free to contact us.


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