vvdi key tool EU function list incl. 96bit 48 online clone

Let’s have an overview of vvdi key tool EU function list including the newest 96bit ID48 online clone, especially if you just want to have one recently.

Here we go for details.

Open vvdi key tool EU package, you can see: one small VVDI key tool, remotes (5pcs), programming cables (2p cs), remote renew cable, USB cable, transponder storage box (2pcs), key blank storage box etc.

vvdi-key-tool-eu-full-package-001-1024x574 vvdi-key-tool-eu-full-package-01 vvdi-key-tool-eu-full-package-02

Let’s have a look at what VVDI key tool can do.


Transponder clone …OK

Generate transponder…OK

Remote program …OK

Remote clone …OK

Garage remote…OK

Remote renew…OK

Frequency tester…OK

Special functions…OK

1). Go to transponder clone.


Go to 96bit ID48 online clone

vvdi-key-tool-eu-96bit-48-clone-online-05 vvdi-key-tool-eu-96bit-48-clone-online-06

2) . Generate transponder

Go to select Europe, America, Asia, China, others etc.


3). Remote program


4) Remote clone

HCS/Fixed code clone

Special clone

fixed code edit


5) Garage remote 

Proteco, Motorline, Game, Key, Roger, Nice_FL and more 30 ones.


6) Remote renew

Audi, BMW, Buick &Chevrolet, BYD, Chrysler & Jeep &Dodge,Great Wall, Hyundai & Kia, LandRover and more than 100 car brands.


7) Frequency tester

8) Special functions

 vvdi-key-tool-special-functions-12 vvdi-key-tool-special-functions-13


VVDI Key tool settings : Backlight, beep, language, Bluetooth, Update.


VVDI key tool EU version language: English, Serbian, Turkish


VVDI key tool EU version newest software version



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