VAG/ Porsche Kessy Module Location

If a VAG/ Porsche car has flip keys with ID46 chip, then this car is equipped with Kessy system. Due to different models, the locations of Kessy module vary. Here we collect Kessy module’s locations and share with you.


1.Porsche/ Touareg

On the top right of pedal on the driver side.

Pull out the cover.



2.Audi A8

Under the driver seat.

Pull out the ground pad.



3.Bentley/ VW Phaeton

On the lower left on the driver side.

Pull out adhesive strips and ground pad.



After removing Kessy module, read 93C86 eeprom data.

If data is not encrypted, then load it into key programmers to get password for key adding; if the password is incorrect, then we may read data via special diagrams or pay to 3rd party for decryption.


Good Key Programmer for Kessy system:

VVDI Key Tool Plus

Xhorse VVDI2