V2.4.1 VVDI Key Tool BYD Honda Peugeot Remote Unlock Wiring

V2.4.1 VVDI Key Tool newly add PSA renew.And vvdi key tool remote unlock wiring diagram v3.0 we have uploaded on xhorsevvdi.com website.Moreover,VVDI Key Tool renew adapter 13-24 are in stock to buy,now total 24 adapters can use with vvdi key tool,and in future,it will add more.

1.VVDI Key Tool renew adapters(SK203-F number 1-12,SK203-F1 number 13-24)

vvdi-key-tool-renew-adapter-1-12-pic-1 vvdi-key-tool-renew-adapter-13-24-pic-1

How do you know which adapter you need use with your key?

1.1.Please check vvdi key tool remote unlock wiring diagram v3.0

For example,the following pic one,it display NO.16 adapter.


1.2. Chceck on device menu.

When you choose the type in VVDI KEY TOOL device,it will display which adapter you use on the menu.Like the following shows 10 CRSL adapter.


2.V2.4.1 VVDI Key Tool Update:
1.Add VVDI universal smart key(PROX) generate.
2.Add PSA renew.
3.Fix remote frequency test.
4.Optimize remote clone.
5.Optimize ID48/ID46 transponder clone.


3.What is new for vvdi key tool remote unlock wiring diagram v3.0 compared with V2.0?

3.1. BYD

vvdi-key-tool-renew-byd-1 vvdi-key-tool-renew-byd-2 vvdi-key-tool-renew-byd-3 vvdi-key-tool-renew-byd-4 vvdi-key-tool-renew-byd-5 vvdi-key-tool-renew-byd-6 vvdi-key-tool-renew-byd-7


vvdi-key-tool-renew-honda-1 vvdi-key-tool-renew-honda-2 vvdi-key-tool-renew-honda-3 vvdi-key-tool-renew-honda-4 vvdi-key-tool-renew-honda-5 vvdi-key-tool-renew-honda-6 vvdi-key-tool-renew-honda-7 vvdi-key-tool-renew-honda-8 vvdi-key-tool-renew-honda-9 vvdi-key-tool-renew-honda-10 vvdi-key-tool-renew-honda-11 vvdi-key-tool-renew-honda-12


vvdi-key-tool-renew-peugeot-jci22851114-1 vvdi-key-tool-renew-peugeot-jci22851114-2

VVDI Key Tool will add more in future,as well as renew adapter,you may see NO.27 adapter in the v3.0 wiring diagram file,please do not worry,it will release.

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