V2.1.7 VVDI MB Tool Unlock W212 ELV unit NEC chip OK

VVDI MB Tool is professional key programming for benz cars,and V2.1.7 is newest version,and here is feedback newly add for VVDI MB BGA Tool:

Blocked ESL renew succeed

Get pass online BGA key first attempt

EIS renew then personalize ESL successful

All working great

Now unlock W212 ELV unit NEC chip in 27 min


Someone feedback I had it once with a W212 fatal AA error flag unlock in under 10 min.

VVDI Benz Latest Version:V2.1.7
VVDI Benz V2.1.7 Software Download   [Password:123456]


1. Attention: All user update device to firmware v2.1.7, software v2.1.7
2. User manual v1.7 released, overview v1.7 released
3. BGA password calculation: bugfix for lost all key W216, W164 2009-
4. Exchange W204 ESL withou renew EIS. In ESL Tools, write EIS with password(Select Auto clear TP and personalized)
5. Activate key: Change key status from unuse to used
6. Bugfix for read v57 version password from key with NEC key adaptor
7. Bugfix

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