Used Xhorse VVDI2 to unlock Megamos 48 Chip for Passat

Hey guys! Happy New Year 2021! Today we’re going to unlock Megamos 48 transponder chip with Xhorse VVDI2 key programmer so that I can reuse my chip.



Here I have a Megamos 48 chip that I used to program Passat earlier and I’m going to read on it with VVDI Key Tool (now is VVDI Mini Key Tool) and it will tell me that it is locked.



Now I am going to place it into the hole of VVDI2 and inside VVDI2 this is where the transponder programmer is. Click on “Other Key Tool” and it will open this window.

it says unlock all dealer keys. So I go forward to click on “Unlock” and it tells me unlock success.



I’m going to take my chip from VVDI2 and replace it into the VVDI Key Tool (VVDI Mini Key Tool).

I’m going to do “Read”, unlocked successfully! Now I can reuse my chip!

Thank you for reading.