Tips about VVDI2 BMW CAS3 Reflash Firmware Info

VVDI2 BMW support BMW EWS1-EWS4 and CAS1-CAS4,BMW FEM.When tried to do BMW CAS3++,it got message like following pic:


Current CAS is ISTAP version,we need flash CAS firmware to continue.


1.If the car lower power,supply extra power to car.

2.If you have enough time and you can,read cas flash and eeprom before continue.


Why do we need to read cas flash and eeprom before continue?

It will be not avialable to use if reflash the firmware if fails.So we strongly suggest if you have VVDI Prog,please use VVDI Prog read the flash and eeprom data,save it. If fails,we can use the data to restore.

If more questions,please feel free to contact us