Tips about VVDI Key Tool Plus Read Audi BCM Encrypted Data

Xhorse BCM2 Solder-free Adapter for Audi AKL and Add Key is released! And here is some tips about Read Audi BCM Encrypted Data.

For non-encrypted BCM ECU before 2013 year, we can read EEPROM data and FLSH data, and then load them into the device to analyze the IMMO data. The IMMO data will also contain the previous key ID. We can use this data to generate OEM keys. And learn the key.



For BCM after 2013 years, ordinary tools cannot read data at present. The VVDI will soon upgrade this function. The data format of this kind of reading is different from the previous method, instead of reading EEPROM and FLASH data, it reads the IMMO data directly in a special way.

The key ID is not included in the read data and can only be used for key generation and learning. Unable to find the ID learned before.


Therefore, this method of reading data can only solve the key matching problem such as A4 Q5. For A6L, A7, A8 with synchronized data, it can’t be solved, and the sync data still needs to be calculated manually, get from third party.

And as friendly reminder that reading encrypted BCM data, still has a lower probability that data will be lost. Just like when we match Porsche and BMW, there will be certain risks when reading data. If the data loss, then not only need to order a brand new BCM ECU but also need to order the original factory key.