Xhorse VVDI Key Tool / PAD/ MAX MINI Key Tool Update

Here is the update log of VVDI Keytool Remote/KeylessGO. Update details:  V257 Update 2021-11-08 (Note:Need upgrade to the latest firmware , Mini Keytool V1.4.6, Pad V1.5.1, MAX V1.3.6, Keytool V3.3.9) KeylessGo: +ADD Toyota KeylessGo 8A(With 2 side Door) +ADD BYD KeylessGo ID46 Remote: +ADD VW 7M3959753 -2003… Continue Reading

How to Choose MINI Key Tool NA,EU,GL Version?

xhorse universal smart key

Xhorse VVDI MINI Key Tool we sell NA,EU,SA  version before,and now all we sell is GL version, some customer asked what is the difference of MINI Key Tool these version? 1.About GL version explaination 1.1. GL version from old regions include, will automatically change to GL version after update latest firmware except NA… Continue Reading