Xhorse VVDI2 generate Land rover KVM key ” no key detected” solution

Xhorse Vvdi No Key

Problem: Xhorse VVDI2 generate a key for Land rover  without writing the dump to the KVM. First key: Remote ok, but ” no key detected” – most of the time. Second key: Start ok, but no remote at all. Actually give up. Experience for sharing: You need to write generated data to KVM after that need to add by obd second remote VVDI2.   Question: Basically this is if you have KVM dumps already, than you can add key without see the car. The software will change the key ID… Continue Reading

Free Download V7.0.2 VVDI2 Software (2021.6.8)


V7.0.2 VVDI2 software is released, get free download link from xhorsevvdi.com 1.Free Download V7.0.2 VVDI2 Software https://public-ap-southeast-1-1251058331.s3-ap-southeast-1.amazonaws.com/download/product/vvdi2/software/VVDI2-InstallerV702.exe 2.V7.0.2 VVDI2 Update Info 2021-06-08 Require firmware V7.0.0 BMW V7.0.2 1. Support unlock FEM/BDC directly for ISTA V4.28.41 version 2. Bugfix If xhorse… Continue Reading

Free Download V7.0.1 VVDI2 Software (2021.5.31)

V701 Vvdi2 Update 1

V7.0.1 VVDI2 software is released, and get the free download for your VVDI2. And this time firmware still V7.0.0. 1.Free Download V7.0.1 VVDI2 Software https://public-cn-northwest-1-1251058331.s3.cn-northwest-1.amazonaws.com.cn/download/product/vvdi2/software/VVDI2-InstallerV701.exe 2.V7.0.1 VVDI2 Update info VAG V7.0.1  2021-05-31 Require firmware V7.0.0 ===== VAG V7.0.1 ===== 1. Improvement… Continue Reading