Xhorse XDPG30CH BENZ EZS EIS Adapters 10pcs in Stock for sale

vvdi prog ezs adapter

In Stock for sale!!! Xhorse XDPG30CH BENZ EZS/EIS Adapters 10pcs working together with VVDI PROG. http://www.xhorsevvdi.com/wholesale/vvdi-prog-benz-eis-ezs-adapter.html Price: $275 (PayPal, Western Union, Bank Transfer) Ship by DHL (3-5 working days delivery) After-sale service Why XDPG30CH BENZ EZS/EIS Adapters is favored? Don`t need to solder… Continue Reading

VVDI2 / VVDI-Prog test reports, experience, instructions

Someone has just got hold of Xhorse VVDI2 & VVDI-prog, and getting to know what they can & can’t do and generally get more experience using them testing the various features. So… I thought it might be a good idea to… Continue Reading

Can VVDI prog and vvdi2 installed on the same laptop Win7?

Xhorse Vvdi prog installed and used with no problem but can’t get vvdi2 going on the same laptop. Answer: The problem is that not just VVDI, all other tools except VCDS use genetic ftdi driver . Problem come when you install one… Continue Reading