Fixed! VVDI PROG can’t Read BMW F-Series 434 Remote with PCF79XX Adapter

Fixed Vvdi Prog Cant Read Bmw F Series 434 Remote With Pcf79xx Adapter 1

Question: PCF79XX Adapter, plus VVDI PROG can’t read BMW F-Series Remote 434m-in-circuit. The chip is PCF7953. Even desolder the chip to eeprom adapter, still not connected.   Here Xhorsevvdi engineer gives the Solution: 1)When desoldering the chip to eeprom adapter, try different… Continue Reading

Free Download V5.1.4 VVDI PROG Software (2022-04-26)

Free Download V5.1.4 Vvdi Prog Software 2022 04 26 1

Xhorse VVDI PROG V5.1.4 Software is released, get from download link from 1. Free Download V5.1.4 VVDI PROG Software (Password:123456) Password:123456   2. V5.1.4 VVDI PROG Update Info (2022-04-26) * This version DON’t need update firmware * Modify some options in<2-MCU>-> * Fix some bugs in TC23X-16F, TC23X-24F, TC23X-32F options in <2-MCU>-> + Add NXP-S9KEAZ128, NXP-S9KEAZ64 options in  <2-MCU>-> + Add R5F64561, R5F64562, R5F64563, R5F6456F,… Continue Reading

Free Download V5.1.3 VVDI Prog Software 2022-3-25

V513 Vvdi Prog Update 2

Xhorse VVDI PROG V5.1.3 Software is released on Mar. 25th 2022. Newly add VW12(TC224-16F), VW22(TC224-16F), VW30(TC27X), VW31(TC27X) options in <7-AIRBAG>-> 1. Free Download V5.1.3 VVDI PROG Software (Password:123456) 2. V5.1.3 VVDI Prog Update Info (2022-03-25) * This version DON’t… Continue Reading

VVDI PROG, MINI Prog, KTP New Repair Function for Porsche 12V Lithium Battery

Porsche Lithium Battery Module Vvdi Prog V512 2

Update Time: 2022-02-24, Xhorse released the new repair function for Porsche 12V lithium battery. This function supports Porsche models from 2018 to 2020. Support Devices (GL Version):  1. Xhorse VVDI PROG – Software V5.1.2 + Add CAYENNE AC MOUDLE, LITHIUM BATTERY… Continue Reading