Xhorse VVDI Prog Programmer EEPROM Adapter Function List

M35080 D80

VVDI Prog is designed to read&write ECU data. You can enlarge its chip type coverage and enhance its functionality by optional adapters like M35080/D80 Adapter, PCF79XX Adapter…   Note: 1.DO NOT click firmware upgrade in VVDI Prog Programmer software, its firmware is always 2.0 version, no… Continue Reading

Free Download V5.0.2 VVDI Prog Software (2021-04-30)

V502 Vvdi Prog Update

V5.0.2 VVDI Prog Programmer software is released! Here is the free download link. 1.Free Download V5.0.2 VVDI Prog Software https://we.tl/t-u5x8Id3P07 Password:123456 2. V5.0.2 VVDI Prog Update Information: * This version DON’t need update firmware + Add D160XX(ST), D80XX(ST), M35080XX(ST), M35160XX(ST)… Continue Reading