How to use VVDI Prog Unlock BMW E90 PCF7945 Remote Key?

VVDI Prog Programmer can support CAS4-5M48H-UNLOCK,  CAS4-1N35H-UNLOCK options  in <4-IMMOBILIZER>->  , BCM-2M25J-UNLOCK,  BCM-5M48H-UNLOCK,  BCM-1N35H-UNLOCK options  in <4-IMMOBILIZER.etc,you can check the support in VVDI Prog update information history. How to use VVDI Prog Unlock BMW E90 PCF7945 868MHZ 1.Use tool to read BMW… Continue Reading

Xhorse VVDI PROG Programmer PCB Board

vvdi programmer

VVDI PROG Programmer is Xhorse original tool,as Xhorse brand,it includes VVDI,VVDI2,VVDI MB BGA,XC-MINI Condor.etc tools.VVDI Prog Programmer is built with high quality PCB circuit board.Here is the details: 1.VVDI PROG Programmer PCB 2.Orange PCB,as professional ecu tool,you can check Orange… Continue Reading

How to connect VVDI PROG Programmer cable?

vvdi prog

VVDI PROG Programmer V4.4.6 is with built-in software,high-speed USB communication,smart operation mode,Self-test function.Frequenlty update online free.VVDI PROG Programmner includes EEPROM socke,EEPROM adaptor,MC9S12 Reflash Cable V1,MCU Reflash Cable V2,ECU Reflash Cable,USB B-Tyte will introduce how to use these cables. 1.VVDI PROG… Continue Reading