Fixed! VVDI PROG can’t Read BMW F-Series 434 Remote with PCF79XX Adapter

Fixed Vvdi Prog Cant Read Bmw F Series 434 Remote With Pcf79xx Adapter 1

Question: PCF79XX Adapter, plus VVDI PROG can’t read BMW F-Series Remote 434m-in-circuit. The chip is PCF7953. Even desolder the chip to eeprom adapter, still not connected.   Here Xhorsevvdi engineer gives the Solution: 1)When desoldering the chip to eeprom adapter, try different… Continue Reading

How to connect OEM BMW FRM Adapter with VVDI Prog

Vvdi Prog Read Bmw Frm 2

OEM BMW FRM Adapter Work with VVDI Prog without Soldering, and here is the connection instruction. As it is not Xhorse brand, then you can not choose FRM-E-SERIES(ADAPTER), FRM-E-SERIES_REPAIR(ADAPTER) options in <8-OTHER>-> VVDI Prog software. Please choose BMW–>FRM-E-SERIES-XEQ384-READ to try.… Continue Reading

Xhorse VVDI Prog Programmer EEPROM Adapter Function List

M35080 D80

VVDI Prog is designed to read&write ECU data. You can enlarge its chip type coverage and enhance its functionality by optional adapters like M35080/D80 Adapter, PCF79XX Adapter…   Note: 1.DO NOT click firmware upgrade in VVDI Prog Programmer software, its firmware is always 2.0 version, no… Continue Reading