Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus: how many minutes to get the password?

Xhorse Power Adapter 01

To answer one question “VVDI Key Tool Plus: how was it on mb? How many minutes to get the password?” Generally speaking, it is as the same as VVDI MB BGA Tool. By working together with the Xhorse Power Adapter (see image below), the speed will be much faster. And someone feedback VVDI MB… Continue Reading

Free Download V5.0.6 VVDI MB BGA Tool Software

vvdi mb tool update

V5.0.6 VVDI MB Tool software release longer time,and here is the download link. 1.Free Download V5.0.6 VVDI MB BGA Tool Software https://1drv.ms/u/s!AljZSzatPJ-MhSb0myDsLwiTOADA?e=c1lO0k Password:123456 2.V5.0.6 VVDI MB Tool Update Information V5.0.6 VVDI MB Tool Update(2020-07-30) Require firmware V5.0.1 BENZ V5.0.6 1.… Continue Reading