How to Fix VVDI Key Tool Plus Read W639 EIS “Read Failed”

How To Fix Vvdi Key Tool Plus Read W639 Eis Read Failed 1

Question: Try read w639 ezs with adapter but impossible? Here Xhorsevvdi tech answer: Connect 12V adapter to XDKP30 Multi-function Adapter. Connection: 12V Aadapter + Key Tool Plus Tablet>>Multifunction Adapter>>EZS Adapter>>EIS Hope this could help! Skype: Whatsapp:

Benz W211 All Key Lost Key Program by VVDI Prog + VVDI EZS Adapter

Step by step procedure on how to program key on Benz W211 when All Key Lost using VVDI Prog + VVDI EZS Adapter. Tool source: VVDI Prog (Used to read EIS dump file) VVDI EZS Adapter VVDI MB (used to prepare key and write) EIS /ESL testing tool (used to testing key)… Continue Reading