VVDI MB Tool Key Info Used/Disabled Staus in EIS Tools

vvdi mb tool

In VVDI MB Tool software,EIS Toos,the key position shows Used/Disabled staus, and we received feedback that ask postion 7/8 is disabled,will it influence? Please do not worry the position,it is OK to continue the process. But please note that if all… Continue Reading

How to solve VVDI MB Tool / VVDI2 Can Not Find Device Error?

vvdi mb tool can not find error

Problem: “vvdi mb can not find device after update software” VVDI MB Tool newest version is V4.5.0,and after download newest software to run,vvdi mb tool connect with computer with usb cable,and green light is on,but got “error-can’t find VVDI-MB Tool,reconnect… Continue Reading