Customize Car Setting with Xhorse MINI VCI Toyota TIS Techstream

mini vci toyota

V10.30.029 MINI VCI FOR TOYOTA TIS Techstream Single Cable Firmware 2.0.4,only xhorse original MINI VCI Toyota is with 2.0.4 firmware.And mini vci can support Toyota car customization.Here is the detailed guide. 1.Connect MINI VCI cable with your computer,and connect cable with… Continue Reading

What is difference of Xhorse MINI VCI and Copy MINI VCI Toyota?

mini vci toyota website sells original xhorse mini vci toyota single cable,but in the market,you can say different copy MINI VCI Toyota cables.What is the difference?How to choose the original one? Xhorse MINI VCI Toyota firmware version: V2.0.4,but copy MINI VCI is V1.4.0… Continue Reading

MINI VCI Toyota TIS Techstream FAQs

mini vci toyota

MINI VCI FOR TOYOTA TIS Techstream is professional toyota diagnostic cable,which can support all the diagnostic communication protocols needed for Toyota (since 1996).It is Xhorse product,here we share some frequently asked questions. 1.When i test MINI VCI Toyota on k-line car,but… Continue Reading