KeyTool Program 2015 Nissan Altima With Xhorse Universal Smart Key

xhorse smart key

Xhorse smart key is univeral one,and we have 3 outlook style to sell, universal knife type,crystal type,MQB type. And here we will share 2015 Nissan Altima by Key tool. Choose Remote/Smart program. Smart key-prox Choose Asia>>Nissan detailed type. Put the… Continue Reading

What is difference xhorse super remote and wire/wrireless remote key?

xhorse super remote key

Xhorse VVDI Super Remote Key DS Style 3 Buttons is new arrival product, and its outlook is DS one. And Xhorse also sells wire key,wireless key,it is universal type too, you may confused what is the new xhorse super remote… Continue Reading

Xhorse Universal Smart Proximity Keylessgo Key Newest Update

Universal Smart Key

Xhorse Universal Smart Proximity Keylessgo Key is new released key, and Xhorse also release Xhorse super remote key ds stype recent time. And new released Xhorse Universal Smart Key Colorful Crystal Style 4 Buttons And Keylessgo database V201 update info… Continue Reading

Xhorse Universal Smart Proximity Key Preview and FAQs

xhorse smart proximity key

Xhorse Universal Smart Proximity Key English version release now! And we will share some concerned questions for smart proximity key. 1.Xhorse Universal Smart Proximity Key Specification: Brand: Xhorse Frequency: Not limited,any frequency is OK Number of buttons: 3 Support models:… Continue Reading