VVDI Mini Key Tool Generate XM Toyota Smart key “Unsupport” Solution

Vvdi Mini Key Tool Generate Xm Toyota Smart Key Unsupport Solution 1

Q: Trying to generate Toyota smart key by Xhorse XM Smart key using VVDI Mini Key Tool, but is given “Unsupport”?     Here is xhorsevvdi engineer Troubleshooting: 1.Make sure firmware version and remote database version is the latest. (If you don’t know how to… Continue Reading

Xhorse VVDI Key Tool / PAD/ MAX MINI Key Tool Update

Here is the update log of VVDI Keytool Remote/KeylessGO. Update details:  V257 Update 2021-11-08 (Note:Need upgrade to the latest firmware , Mini Keytool V1.4.6, Pad V1.5.1, MAX V1.3.6, Keytool V3.3.9) KeylessGo: +ADD Toyota KeylessGo 8A(With 2 side Door) +ADD BYD KeylessGo ID46 Remote: +ADD VW 7M3959753 -2003… Continue Reading