Lexus 570 Unlock Smart key & add key with Xhorse vvditool max and OBDSTAR Keymaster

Lexus 570 Unlock Smart Key And Add Smart Key With Xhorse Vvditool Max And Obdstar X300 Pro4 01

Confirmed!Lexus LX 570 can unlock SmartKey Toyota/Lexus with XHORSE Keytool Max and program a new SmartKey Lexus 570 with OBDSTAR Key Master machines   Step 1. Unlock  Enter VVDI MAX APP select “Special function”>>“unlock Toyota smartkey” Then,Put the toytota key into… Continue Reading

MINI PROG with KVM Adapter and Key Tool Max Add Range Rover 2016 OK

Mini Prog With Kvm Adapter And Key Tool Max Add Range Rover 2016 Ok 1

Xhorse XDNPP16 KVM Solder-free adapter for programming no need soldering for Landrover, work with Xhorse MINI PROG and KEY TOOL PLUS. And here is one review from Richard Ruiz: 2016 Land Rover Range Rover- Added 2 Keys Tools Used: 1.… Continue Reading