How to change the built-in battery of Condor XC-MINI?

condor mini bulit-in battery

Rechargeable battery of XC-Mini is new accessory for Condor XC-MINI key cutting machine,you can buy the chargeable battery and replace it in Condor MINI,then your condor mini can have bulit-in battery.Here is the guide how to change Condor XC-MINI built-in battery. (Get New … Continue Reading

How to Upgrade Condor XC-MINI Built-in Power Supply?

condor mini battery

Condor XC-MINI is without built-in battery, and now Xhorse releases Power Supply Adapter with Battery Works For Condor XC-MINI, you can update your Condor MINI to built-in power supply one.Here is the detailed steps update condor mini built-in power supply.(Get New … Continue Reading