What is difference of Condor Dolphin XP-007 and Condor XC-002?

condor dolphin xp-007

Condor Dolphin XP-007 is new Xhorse Key Cutting Machine,it is similar like condor xc-002 manually key cutting machine, this blog is brief comparison about Condor Dolphin XP-007 and Condor XC-002 key cutting tool. 1.What is advantage of Condor Dolphin XP-007? Smaller and… Continue Reading

Xhorse Condor XC-002 key cutting machine car list

xhorsevvdi.com offers one table of Xhorse Condor XC-002 car list for you who are interested in this manual key cutting machine. Sorry for the Chinese table, I think for specific details, you’d better contact the seller, i.e www.xhorsevvdi.com who can directly… Continue Reading

How to use Condor XC-002 Cutting Machine Cut a Key?

condor xc-002

Condor XC-002 Manually Key Cutting Machine can support cut 4 track external,2track external,4 track internal,channel track.etc keys. You need have original key,here we will introduce how to use Condor XC-002 key cutting machine. 1.Put original key on left clamp,and fasten it. 2.Put new… Continue Reading

What do you know about Condor XC-002 Manually Key Cutting Machine?

condor xc-002

Original Xhorse Condor XC 002 Manually Key Cutting Machine is in stock on XhorseVVDI.com now.And here is the details about Condor XC002 Manually Key Cutting. 1.Condor XC-002 Specification: Input voltage: 220VAC Input frequency: 50Hz Consume: 200W Package Dimensions: L595xW550xH375mm Machine Dimensions:… Continue Reading

Buy Condor XC-002 Manually with VVDI MB Tool Get Free Token

condor xc-002 with vvdi benz

Condor XC-002 Manually Key Cutting Machine is in stock now,and XhorseVVDI.com sales with VVDI MB Tool,you can get one token free every day. 1.Condor XC-002 With VVDI MB Tool In previous,VVDI MB Tool only bind with Condor XC-007 or XC-MINI Key… Continue Reading