SUCCESS VVDI KEY TOOL program BMW E46 EWS remote key 3 button

Pay attention mates! It’s newly tested VVDI KEY TOOL generate new BMW E46 EWS remote key 3 button 315 MHz successfully! Use the Wire Mode connecting remote PCB OK.

Check below how-to guide with pictures:

VVDI KEY TOOL generate BMW E46 EWS remote key steps


First, power on VVDI Key Tool remote key programmer.

Open the new BMW EWS 315MHz remote key shell and take out the remote key PCB battery.

Next, connect the new remote PCB with VVDI Key Tool using the programming line.

vvdi-key-tool-program-bmw-e46-ews-315mhz-remote-key-ok-guide-2 vvdi-key-tool-program-bmw-e46-ews-315mhz-remote-key-ok-guide-3

Go to “Remote Prepare” on main menu.


Choose “Europe” then select BMW icon.


Select the key type: EWS 315

Then it will show the BMW EWS 3-button remote key 315 MHz picture.

Press OK button to “NEW”.

And choose “Wire” mode to generate the new key.


Soon it will show “Burn Success” that means VVDI KEY TOOL successfully generate a new BMW E46 EWS 315 remote keyless!


All you need to do is to match this new key with your BMW E46.

And things done!


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VVDI KEY TOOL software V1.2.8

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