Solved! Key Tool Plus Program Key for VW Caddy 2019 OK but Remote Not Work


Using VVDI Key Tool Plus, VW Caddy 2019 year successfully programmed new key and start engine but remote not work.


Possible Reason:

This car could have separate system to add remote. Remote central locking channel is blocked 2018+.



Need ODIS or VCDS to open channel with dealer key and remote can be added then.


E.g. VCDS: match remote one by one, and verify by “Read”.



Experience from one colleagues experience:

Try Xhorse MQB Key, I did it on T6 2018, not sure if was before 06/2018.


Corrected by Васил:

Don’t need ODIS, VCDS. There’s no separate module for the remotes. This is about old PQ platform cars which are not yet MQB. Passat photo is misplaced (wrong) in this article. This case is for T6, Jetta, Caddy, Beatle, etc. Just need to generate the correct information from the Xhorse database. Remote is learned automatically with the transponder.


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