Solution for VVDI MB Tool Firmware 0.0.1 Error

VVDI MB Tool newest software is 4.0.0 version, and firmware needs to match the software version V4.0.0. But in the VVDI MB Tool V4.0.0 software shows 0.0.1,this is wrong version,and can not update firmware in the software like before.

When check VVDI MB Tool firmware in 4.0.0 VVDI MB Tool software,it display like following:



Please use xhorse upgrade kit software update it successfully,then back to V4.0.0 software top check again,it will display normally.

How to update VVDI MB BGA Tool Firmware?

1.Start Xhorse Upgrade Kit V1.3.0,then connect vvdi mb tool with computer.

2.Click “Find Device”,after get SN and firmware version successfully,click upgrade.If get info failed,please check USB cable connection and driver.


3.Updating process.Please confirm this process complete.