Possible Clone ID48 on Golf Mk6 or Skoda Octavia 2010 with VVDI Key Tool?


One user gave feedback about the vvdi Key Tool: some old cars like Skoda Octavia 1 kwp 1281 game me problem I couldn’t learn key to the car with vvdi2.It would just not adapt new key only recognizing old key . And want to know is it possible to clone id 48 chip on for example golf mk6 or Skoda Octavia 2010 is it working ?


Confirmed: Yes

it’s an 5 MINUTES job by OBD2 , no risk or kill working key , read immo data & made dealer key + turn on with all key under 5 seconds … ZERO token & ZERO wifi


For the old cars like Skoda Octavia 1 kwp 1281:

you need to use old devices/interfaces with old cars wich works better with kline cars, like old blue kline cable with old vcds lite…or vagcomander or something like that.


Other locksmiths hold their own opinions, mainly focusing on whether it is safe to clone via OBD.


1st point of view:

Copy the chip is not 100% safe like many people think


for example if you copy the chip ID48 on Honda with HB and stop decoding on the middle of the process the car will not start with this chip


also if the existing key contains rewritable chip like HB king chip or XT27 Super chip and you mess the order when to put the new chip and put the old and removed it before the end of the copy the original chip will not work


2nd point of view:

If existing key has locked chip which is not rewritable but just ordinary id 46 or id 48 then it is not risky.

Sure … just in case it doesn’t move while decoding.


P.S. VVDI Key Tool is updated to VVDI Mini Key Tool.



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