Mini Prog Key Programming for Toyota Sequoia via Dump Tutorial

Purpose: key programming for Toyota Sequoia 2003-2007


Key Chip: 4D(ID67)


VVDI Mini Prog

VVDI Key Tool Max



Step 1.Read EEPROM file by Mini Prog Programmer

Connect Mini Prog to Key Tool Max

mini-prog-key-programming-for-toyota-sequoia-via-dump-tutorial-1 x

On Key Tool Max, select

  • EEPROM and FLASH>>Microchip>>93LCXX>>93LC66A (8PIN)>>Pressure

Select “Read” to configure.

Once it’s ready, connect Mini Prog to chip by diagrams and PIN1 mark.



We can press the button on Mini Prog to continue.


Key Tool Max will tell us if chip is connected well.


Then we can get the EEPROM file.

We’d better save again to make a backup.


Step 2.Add OEM keys via dump file

Now switch to Key Tool Max’s page.


Special function>>Immo Data Tool>>Asia>>Toyota>>Sequoia>>Immobox 2005- -93C66

“Start execution” and load the file we just got.

Then we select Key 1.

Here we’ve got two choices: VVDI Super Chip/TIRIS 4D (ID67, 68, 70).


If you use VVDI super chip, we don’t have to write back EEPROM file; if we choose OEM key, we should do one more step of writing info back.

This time we add two OEM keys, so put a key into the coil and choose “TIRIS 4D”.


Prepare key success and save the file.


Program another key in the same way.


Step 3.Write back EEPROM file by Mini Prog Programming Pen

Switch to Mini Prog’s page again.


EEPROM and FLASH>> Microchip>>93LCXX>>93LC66A (8PIN)>>Pressure

Select “Write” and load the file with new keys’ info.

Connect Mini Prog to chip to write back the file.


Alright, that’s key programming via dump file for Toyota Sequoia by Key Tool Max Remote Programmer and Mini Prog.


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