Mercedes W208 learn key with VVDI MB & mc68hc05 adapter

One user is puzzled that he has Mercedes W208 and would like key learn with vvdi mb, now the car not start.

he reads the key, he don’t have the password in the key, this one is nec v40.

he reads the ezs, he has all information but the password is 00000000000 !

Attached dump ezs!AAI0yJKS!4u7PwTtqK_TvaQwqpq7HMZFRflZyJK1wOOH53gaCiWs

What he need is one mc68hc05 adapter from to read this mcu with vvdi prog.

And finally, he succeeded read the key password.


Belive me Cannot read the mcu in circuit, by desolder mcu from eis.