Maserati AKL Programming: Abrites & SmartPro Fail, VVDI PROG OK

This article is a successful key programming case on a Maserati GranTurismo 2008. Abrites failed, SmartPro Fail, finally it worked by Xhorse VVDI PROG EEPROM job.


Part 1. Abrites & SmartPro OBD job fail

Connect my laptop to OBD port.

Run “ABRITES Quick Start”.

Go to

  • Fiat>>Special Function>>Read/Update ConfData

Now trying to read BCM data.

Try “BCM Marelli (912DG128, 3K91D)”, failed.


Try “BCM Marelli (9S12DG256, 1K79X)”, failed.


Back to the main menu, to see if we can enter BCM diagnostic menu.

Fail to get access to BCM.


Just try one more, to see if we can enter Engine menu.

This works but cannot help.


Then I tried SmartPro tablet via OBD like Abrites, and it failed to read BCM data as well.


Part 2. VVDI PROG Programmer EEPROM job OK

So I have to take BCM out to do a bench work.

Solder pins in the circuit board as diagrams.


Try to read EEPROM.

Operation success.


Save it and we’re going to load it in Abrites.

In Abrties, go to

  • Fiat>>Special Function>>Transponder Make


Load EEPROM file we got before.


Just use “Key 1 <Used>” since we’re doing an AKL job.

Put an OEM chip into key slot and select “Program key”.

maserati-akl-programming-abrites-smartpro-fail-vvdi-prog-ok-9 maserati-akl-programming-abrites-smartpro-fail-vvdi-prog-ok-10

When it’s done, restore the BCM module back to the vehicle.


Done! VVDI Prog always does well in the EEPROM job.