Looking for Skoda hu66 key cutting bitting?


Question: How to get key cutting bitting from the photo, Skoda hu66 gen1 I assume

skoda-hu66-key-cutting-bitting-01 skoda-hu66-key-cutting-bitting-02


The answer is 12242124 (key cutting bitting)


Good to know:

The key code is on the tag. Just put it into instacode or the Xhorse app.


xhorsevvdi.com wrote an article on how to find bitting with Condor XC-Mini Plus key cutting machine, here you can refer to:



There is an option “Find Bitting”, enter it and select car make to confirm, then select the key type. Enter the bitting you know. Enter the unknown bitting as “?” and click on “Find Bitting Code”.


The next part is about how to get cutting bitting with Dolphin XP-005.

Enter Dolphin main menu

Select “Find bitting”



Select a car make.



Select or put in the key blank type.



Put the known bitting and replace unknown bitting as “?”.

Then click on “Find Bitting”



Final part is to use the key bitting to make key, here take Dolphin XP005 for example:


Click on “Cut by Bitting”.



Choose a key blank type.



Choose the key type.



Follow the picture show to fix the key.


Select proper side of clamp and fix the key in correct position


Put in the key bitting and check all the information before you click on “Cutting key” for making new key.



Good luck!


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