Looking for good key cutting machine for 2000 euro max, silca or xhorse codor mini?

When a newbie wants to buy a good and not very expensive key cutting machine, what is the best choice for a 2000 euro max? silca? xhorse condor mini? and another question

to copy transponders what is the best tool??

Let’s hear what experienced locksmiths’ point of views:

User 1: you can’t have cheap and good. In my experience invest the money, Grow the business and it will pay for its self.

User 2: silca is a very good choice but not cheap…i could say that with a little more from 2000 a very good choice would be xhorse condor mini.

User 3: I have a condor, its pretty good for the money, cuts most keys I’ve needed it to do.

Many XC MINI CONDOR users would like to share their test reports and look for solution on DK forum there xhorse support is ready to help fix any problem.

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