Key Tool Plus Add Key for Hyundai by ID Change No Password

Today we’re going to share with you how to add a Hyundai KIA ID47 by Key Tool Plus via changing key ID without a password.

To program Hyundai KIA remote, generally, we calculate the password and program it via OBD. For some Hyundai models, we can add keys by clone via key ID change.



VVDI Key Tool Plus

XNTO00EN Wireless Remote (require XN wireless remote  or XS super remote)


Step 1. Generate Remote (Remote Part)

Go to

Generate Remote>>Asia>>Hyundai>>Verna>>Verna 2017-18 ID47>>Generate


Then program the Remote Part to the car via OBD.


Step 2. Change key/transponder ID (Transponder Part)

Put the original key into the key slot and read the transponder.

Remember the key ID (07A98E18).


Then put the new key into the key slot and read the transponder.

Click on “Edit” and “Read transponder”.


Change the transponder ID to the same as the original key and click on “Write”.

Then we can use the new key to start the car.



We may try this method to program remote and transponder separately to save money and time. If it fails, then we calculate the password.


A guide from Ruben Hardie.

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