Key Tool Max Pro 2014 Mazda CX-5 AKL Programming Tips

One customer wonders how to increase the signal strength on the Key Tool Max Pro so that the prox works from further away? Currently you have to use the prox to push the start button. Lock and unlock work fine.

The Proximity is not working while the remote is working. When I put the key on the ignition button it works


In this case, it is a programming issue not about the signal strength.

Possible Solution:

1)On Key Tool Max Pro Programmer Step 15 is usually what’s not followed that causes the prox to be non functional

On step 15 it’s wanting you to depress the break or the clutch if it’s manual

Press the start button using the remote you programmed with the remotes aerial on the start button. Pretty much use the remote as your finger


2)Performed AKL and after that all keys worked fine


3)Just change the signal from 315 to 314 or other and try, it works


Done! Hope this could help!

If you do need to change signal strength, please check

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