Introduction of the New Xhorse Toyota Smart XM38 Remote

The second-generation Toyota smart XM38 series of XHORSE will be released soon, so what is the difference between the first-generation Toyota XM smart key and the second-generation XM38 smart? Here to introduce to you.

XHORSE’s first-generation XM Smart can generate old 4D types of 0140, 3370, 5290 and 0020 smart key, but cannot generate new ones.


Due to hardware and program limitations, new generation XM38 Toyota smart key functions cannot be expanded on the first-generation Toyota XM smart, the second-generation Toyota XM38 smart key was produced. The second-generation Toyota XM38 proxy remote fully compatible with the generation project of the first-generation XM smart, and supports the generation of many new smart keys. For example, the P4 page is a new card of type A9 AA. The version number corresponding to these numerical types is A9, which corresponds to the smart with version number 0410 0440. AA corresponds to the card with the version number of 0440 0010 0350


XM38 is a series of main chips, XM38 series smart key are divided into Toyota special series, Hyundai special series, and Universal series. The Toyota XM series can support to generate Toyota 8A and universal smart card models, and Hyundai 8A can support to generate Hyundai, Kia 8A and universal smart models. The universal smart type supports to generate 8A and 4D of domestic models, and is also compatible with the original universal smart models.