(How-to) VVDI MB Tool program Mercedes ML250 W166 BGA key

Here share with you: How to program a new Mercedes BGA key for ML250 W166 by VVDI MB Tool FULL steps! Check below detailed guide step by step to success!

Blank key needed: Mercedes new BGA key

Tool used: Xhorse VVDI MB BAG Tool


Step 1

Connect VVDI MB Tool Mercedes key programmer with car via OBD line.

Open VVDI MB Tool software, go to “EIS Tools”, choose chassis “W166,197,212,218,246” then click “Read EIS data”.


After reading complete, click “Save EIS data”. (Save both the bin file and the HC05 format)

Step 2

Go to “Password Calculation”, select chassis “W166,197,212,218,246” then click “Data Acquisition”.


Follow the instruction:

Insert the original working key into car EIS then press “OK”.

Insert the original working key into VVDI MB Tool IR reader (the coil) then press “OK”.

Then wait about 5 minutes.

Insert the key into car EIS and wait 30 seconds.

Insert the key back into IR reader then press “OK”.

After that, save data file.


Step 3

Click “Upload Data” and choose the data file to open.


Upload success, wait 1 minute to finish.

Check “Auto reflash” and “Stop acquisite after success” boxes.

Click “Query result” then it calculate the key password, click “Copy”.


Step 4

Back to “EIS Tools” and click “Read EIS data” again.

Paste the key password.


Click “Save EIS data” and choose to overwrite the original EIS file.


Step 5

Go to “Prepare Key File”, click “Load EIS file” and load the new EIS file with key password.

On the Step 2 area, uncheck the “v041” and “v011” boxes.

Click “Prepare key file”.


After that, select position to save the key file.

Then it will prepare all keys and complete.

Step 6

Go to “Read Write Key”.

Put the new blank Mercedes BGA key into VVDI MB Tool IR reader (the coil) and click “Identification key”.

You can see the key status is blank and unused.


Click “Load key file” and select the key 3 bin file to open. (Since the key 1 and key 2 are already used)


Click “Write” to start write new key.

Step 7

After writing success, click “Identification key” to check the new key status.

New Mercedes BGA key status 04FC, key number turn to 3.


Now the last thing is to synchronize the new key to car.

Insert the new key to turn on car ignition.

Key being initialized, wait the process complete.


VVDI MB Tool successfully program Mercedes W166 BAG key! New key remote control OK!


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