How to Use Xhorse XKGHG1EN Masker Garage Remote?

Xhorse XKGHG1EN Masker Garage Remote is designed to clone original garage remotes, which supports Clone, Set Frequency, Clear Code, and data recovery.


Here we will show you how to use it:



Xhorse Masker Garage Remote (Garage Remote)*1

Original Garage Remote (Original Remote)*1


1.Clear Code

1)How to know if the remote code is cleared?

Hold down any buttons, the LED flash once and switches off, which means the code is already cleared.

2)How to clear code?

Step 1.Hold down “Up” and “Down” button.

When the LED switches on and off, release.

Step 2.Then Hold down “Pause” button.

When the LED switches on and off, release.



2.Remote Clone

1)Before clone, make sure

*The remote code is cleared

*The garage remote frequency is the same to the original remote’s

2)How to Clone?


Step 1.Hold down one function button, garage remote will turn to clone mode.

Step 2.Put original remote close to garage remote, and hold down the same function button

Garage remote’s LED switches, release, the function button is cloned

Step 3.Repeat above process to clone all buttons


3.Set Frequency

1)Set frequency

Step 1.Enter Frequency Switch Mode

Hold down “Lock” and “Pause” button, the LED switches on and off, release.

Step 2.Switch Frequency

Press “Up” button. Press once, the LED flashes once.

Switch frequency by pressing times as the table.


Step 3.Check Frequency

The correct frequency is set, release all buttons.

Wait 5 seconds, the LED flashes.

Flashing times depends on the frequency (check frequency table above)

Step 4.Exist Frequency Switch Mode

Once the LED switches off, hold down “Lock” and “Pause” button.

When the LED switches on and off, release.

2)Set other frequencies

To set the frequencies that are not on the table above, we need VVDI Key Tools (VVDI Key Tool, VVDI Mini, Key Tool Max Pro, Key Tool Plus)

Clone original remote, modify frequency, and write data to garage remote.

e.g. Clone remote 320.5MHz using Key Tool Max Pro



Full Instruction: