How to use Xhorse VVDI2 to Reset VAG 3AA920880C Instrument

Xhorse VVDI2 is not only IMMO tool for BMW,Porsche,VAG car,it can also support KM function.VVDI2 Programmer newest version now is V1.2.6.And here we will display the guide of reset VAG 3AA920880C instrument.

1.Remove 3AA920880C dashboard and connect it well with our VVDI2 programmer.


2.Turn ignition to ON to check if the indicator light on which means the dash is fine and communication is OK.


3.Start VVDI 2 software

Click Key Learn->4th immobilizer system->VW/Skoda/Seat->Auto detect type


4.On the button status bar it shows type TFT color display NEC+24C64 (-2012)
Click on Read EEPROM/FLASH

Select Read EEPROM, click Next


5.If car has keyless, please switch ignition off then switch on. Then press OKAY button to continue.

If no keyless, just press OKAY button to continue.


6.The dashboad is drak when you see the bps. You need finish all opeartion before reset instrument

Read EEPROM and save it
Read immo data and save it
Prepare a dealer key (You can go to step 7 if have working key also don’t want to add key)
Reset instrument
Add key, use immo data to lean the new dealer key to car
Finish other customer requests.

Note: The dashboard will remain dark until Reset Instrument

Reading eeprom data, please wait

Click on Reset Instrument, dashboard light go on


7.Manually enter odometer you want to change,and click on Write KM. And then click OK to continue.


8.Use Reset Instrument to activate instrument after all the operations finished.

9.Click on Reset Instrument.Dashboard light will be on.