Xhorse VVDI2 96 bit 48 Transponder clone service instruction

New! Xhorse VVDI2 96 bit ID48 clone service is launched worldwide.



-> VVDI 96bit ID48 clone Activation / Authorization

-> 48 Data collector, $99

-> New ID48 chip

-> -100 bonus points for one-time, Bonus points can be accumulated by using VVDI remote, you can buy tokens as well.

-> Device serial number, your name, phone number and address.



Support all car types with 48 transponder without OBDII, only add spare key.
Support list: (parts of example)
2002-2017 VAG 48 transponder cloning, Honda, Buick, Cadillac, Fiat, Volvo, Greatwall, Zhonghua.
More details:
96 bit copy 48 support normal 48 transponder in the market (no need special transponder)
96 bit copy 48 support add spare key no limited quantity, support as the vehicle all key position.
96 bit copy 48 cannot support keyless go system, cannot support MQB platform.


More details…

1). 48 Data collector (NO Need Register Condor)

xhorse-vvdi2-id48-chip-copy-data-collector-3 xhorse-vvdi2-id48-chip-copy-data-collector-1 xhorse-vvdi2-id48-chip-copy-data-collector-2

Source: http://www.xhorsevvdi.com/wholesale/xhorse-vvdi2-48-chip-copy.html

Applies to 4th Immobilizer system.


Supported type:

NEC24C32, NEC24C64, NEC24C64 color instrument, A1, A3/TT/R8, Q3, new Tiguan 873B, 883B etc.


In the process of coping 48 chip, it requires PIN code and component security bytes from car, you can select any of following method:

1) VVDI2 can read out the PIN code from Engine Control Unit (ECU) via OBDII and CS

2) You have component security bytes and PIN code

It can copy 48 chip, add 48 chip, support 48 all key lost and support smart key.

For MAGOTAN / CC, it can only copy 48 chip with original key, not support 46 chip, smart key and all key lost.


2). New ID48 chip


Source: http://www.xhorsevvdi.com/wholesale/48-chip-dedicated-vvdi-48-collector.html

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