How to use Xhorse Remote Tester ?

Xhorse Remote Tester Radio Frequency (FR) Infrared (IR) can detect frequency as well as infrared working or not.Only 32.99USD to get xhorse remote tester.

1.How to use xhorse remote tester?

1.Way to test frequency:
Put the remote control close to the device
Press any button on the remote control
The indicator that turns on is the frquency
2.Way to test infrared frequency:
Press the key
The infrared indicator turns on – good, off – bad
2.Xhorse Remote Tester Battery
As almost all of shipping ways can not support package includes battery,so our package is without battery.But this remote tester needs to work with batter,you can remote the back cover,then insert the battery.The battery is just like following pic shows.

3.Xhorse Remote Tester advantages:

1.With battery inside,easy to use and carry
2.Automatic switching function, save power.
3.Rapid detection of key frequency, infrared Benz Key fast.