How to use Xhorse Multi Prog Read Write Audi A4 VL 381 TCU

Similar to the car engine ECU, the transmission TCU of major brands of cars is usually provided by third-party manufacturers. The Multi-PROG programmer supports read-write clones of common brands of TCUs.

Multi-Prog supports TCU reading and writing for Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, DQ200, DQ250, VL381 and other series gearboxes, and supports Porsche Read and write transmissions such as DL501, support reading and writing of MPS6 series TCUs such as Ford Dodge, etc., and also support BMW DKG, Mercedes-Benz VGS, etc. Other models TCU read and write.

Here is the instruction of Multi Prog Read Write Audi A4 VL 381 TCU

1.      Select the device type [EGS], select Audi, and then select the VL381 menu



2.      Complete the wiring according to the wiring diagram shown in the options. Note that you need to choose the appropriate adapter pin. The device comes with 7 different adapters.


3.       According to functional requirements, if you need to clone the TCU, you need to read and save EEPROM and FLASH, and write the saved data to the data to replaced TCU.