How to use Xhorse Dolphin XP-007 Cut Tubular Key?

Someone asks: Can you tell me please, does your Dolphin can cut Tubular Key. Thank you answer: Of course, it does. Xhorse Dolphin XP-005/XP-007 are 3-in-1 machines for cutting flat keys for bikes/cars, cutting laser keys, cutting dimple keys ,support cut Sided/Track/Dimple/Tibbe Keys

Here’s a short tutorial from our locksmiths to tell you how to cut tubular keys on Multi-Functional Clamp with Dolphin XP007:

Step 1.FInd the sided-teeth of the key


To cut tubular keys, we will: Use a 1.5mm cutter, put the original key in the right vice

Step 2. Put the key upright into the right vice, and make sure the sided teeth fit the slot.


Step 3. Tighten the key with the knob


Step 4. Put the new key to be duplicated in the left vice, same operation as the right one.


Step 5. Operate the probe along with the cuts tracks of the original key


Hope it helps.