How to use VVDI2 to program VW MQB NEC35XX system smart keys?


1) Xhorse VVDI2 VAG V5.1.0

2) Original blank key or MQB key made by VVDI2

3) MQB Immobilizer function require license (Customer who have copy 48 (96 bit) license will get MQB license for free)


Step 1: Automatic recognition system.

Open VVDI2 V5.1.0, select the option “VAG”

The computer is communicating with the device, please wait…


Turn on the dashboard


Click on “Diag”


Click on “Read EEPROM/FLASH”, then NEXT.


Step 2: Read EEPROM

Click on “OK”

vvdi2-programs-vw-mqb-nec35xx-smart-keys-04-1-1024x576 vvdi2-programs-vw-mqb-nec35xx-smart-keys-05-1-1024x577 vvdi2-programs-vw-mqb-nec35xx-smart-keys-06-1-1024x577

Start Security login…(you can see at the left corner of the window)


This is Smart key, click on “OK”


Reading data, please wait…Both the EP data and IMMO data need to be read out.

vvdi2-programs-vw-mqb-nec35xx-smart-keys-08-1-1024x577 vvdi2-programs-vw-mqb-nec35xx-smart-keys-09-1-1024x576

Read eeprom data successfully, click on “Save File” save as name “ep”


Step 3: Read IMMO data and save.

Click on “Read IMMO data“.

vvdi2-programs-vw-mqb-nec35xx-smart-keys-11-1-1024x576 vvdi2-programs-vw-mqb-nec35xx-smart-keys-12-1-1024x577

Save IMMO data successfully


Step 4: Use New key prepare dealer key.

Click on “Make dealer key”.


Tick on “Prepare normal dealer key”, then “Next”.


Get message “Warning: If you make dealer key with normal key, it doesn’t support online change immobilizer.

Follow units will not support online immobilizer :

01- Engine

02- Gearbox

17- Instrument

19- CAN gateway

2B – electronic steering column lock

Advise you choose the option “OEM”, OEM dealer key have same ID with original one, support online operation.

Continue Prepare normal dealer key?

Click on “Yes” to continue.


Are you sure you want to generate Audi normal dealer key?

Please make sure the make is correct, if you choose wrong, please return back to choose again.

Click on “Yes”


Put the original key into the VVDI2 antenna then click on “OK” to confirm.

vvdi2-programs-vw-mqb-nec35xx-smart-keys-20-1-1024x576 vvdi2-programs-vw-mqb-nec35xx-smart-keys-21-1-1024x576

Please input the original new MQB key into the VVDI2.

vvdi2-programs-vw-mqb-nec35xx-smart-keys-22-1-1024x576 vvdi2-programs-vw-mqb-nec35xx-smart-keys-23-1-1024x576

Step 5: Perform Key learn

Use “Reset Instrument” to active instrument after all the operation is finished.”


Get message “Note: before learning the key, please firstly save EEPROM and IMMO data (Important), If you have already backup you can continue, otherwise please backup EEPROM and IMMO data first. ”

vvdi2-programs-vw-mqb-nec35xx-smart-keys-25-1-1024x576 vvdi2-programs-vw-mqb-nec35xx-smart-keys-26-1-1024x576 vvdi2-programs-vw-mqb-nec35xx-smart-keys-27-1-1024x576 vvdi2-programs-vw-mqb-nec35xx-smart-keys-28-1-1024x576

The first one key is learned successfully, you can see 1-2 on the dashboard.


To learn the second key. Insert the dealer key into the car and switch on for at least 2 seconds. The time for change key should smaller than 5 seconds, press Okay button after all keys are learned.


Click on ” Okay”


Learn succeed, you can see 2- on the dashboard.


You see the left corner status ” All keys successfully learned”

Pull out the key from the ignition to test it can start the car.

vvdi2-programs-vw-mqb-nec35xx-smart-keys-33-1-1024x576 vvdi2-programs-vw-mqb-nec35xx-smart-keys-34-1-1024x576


VVDI2 programs VW MQB NEC35XX system smart keys successfully.

Credits to Xhorse team.

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