How to use VVDI PROG BMW CAS4 Data Reading Socket Adapter+ Clip + Wire?

VVDI PROG BMW CAS4 Data Reading Socket can prevent data loss, specialized work with VVDI PROG Programmer,it is for BMW CAS4-5M48H-1N35H, easy to operation, no need disassembling, no need welding,it is a powerful data reading tool.


Now use with VVDI Prog CAS4 adapter,it will be easier to use


VVDI PROG BMW CAS4 Data Adapter Instruction

Package includes two clip

Before use the clip,please remove the adhesive on the surface to prevent poor contact between the probe and the circuit board.


Connect detail



This VVDI PROG BMW CAS4 clip reads CAS4 data without welding, but lengthens the length of the wiring harness. Maybe little part of types of CAS require multiple attempts to read out, and it is recommended to try 3-5 times (the data will not be lost). If you can’t read the data repeatedly, please use the traditional wiring method.Thanks.