How to use VVDI MB Tool Program Mercedes Sprinter W906 All Key Lost

VVDI MB BGA Tool V3.0.0 support w906 chassis by OBD/IR way.And here we will display some steps about W906 all key lost with VVDI MB Tool and Condor XC-MINI,cut new key and program new has the bundle package for Condor XC-MINI with VVDI MB Tool,one token free everyday,and better price.


We usually start by read key data via OBD.But if all keys are lost,we need remove the key module.

1.Remove EZS from car.

2.Prepare key file for your new key.

  • Read EIS data,and save the data it reads out.
  • Get Key Password.
  • Password Calculation.
  • Connect device OBD line to car.
    Connect IR adapter to VVDI MB Tool.
    Data Acquisition.
    Save acquisition.
  • Prepare Key File.
  • Copy the key password from previous step.
  • And click “Prepare key file”,then “Load EIS File” you have saved.
  • Paste key password,and choose Key number.Waiting the prepare key file process.
  • Save key file.
  • Write Key.


3.Put the key into Ignition and it will start the key teach in process and central locking will start to work,because all keys were lost,we also delete keys to prevent theft.

4.Use Condor XC-MINI cut the new key blade.