How to use VVDI MB to do W216/ W164 (2009-) all key lost

VVDI MB Tool V2.1.7 version and V2.1.6 version can do all key lost for W216/ W164 (2009-) now,and here we will display some steps about How to use VVDI MB to do W216/ W164 (2009-) all key lost.


Please confirm your VVDI MB BGA Tool use the newest V2.1.7 software.


If your software is not newest software,when you use vvdi2 commander software,it will display automatically to asks you to update.

Please download the newest software from:!ekwzkChZ!1Q2-JUSHA72LOFKcMLj4t48c2J4bjUonLcOwL6BJknw

How to do all key lost for W216/ W164 with vvdi benz key programmer:


vvdi-mb-W216-W164-lost-all-keys-4 vvdi-mb-W216-W164-lost-all-keys-7 vvdi-mb-W216-W164-lost-all-keys-8